Pinhoe Lych Gate

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IMG_0411If you have visited the Parish Church recently you will have noticed that the roof of the Lych Gate has been rethatched.

In addition, the gates are being renovated and the posts will be repaired and our thanks to Jim and Dave for undertaking this task.

Lych is derived from the Old English ‘lich’, meaning corpse. They were meeting places and shelters for the party bringing a corpse for burial, and for the priest to receive the corpse.

Although some had been built earlier, the 1549 Prayer Book required the priest to meet the corpse at the churchyard entrance.  This encouraged the provision of lych-gates to shelter the corpse and the funeral party for that purpose.

Medieval lych-gates were made of timber and most have long since disappeared.

We understand that the roof of our Lych Gate was originally covered in slate tiles.

All who visit the Church walk through the Lych Gate and it is such a strategic and important part of our Church and it is good that it is being restored.

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