The Devon Bible Conference, 17 November 2018

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Coffee and registration from 10am. Please bring a packed lunch.

Cost £5, booking required.

Booking: Please send a cheque payable to “Exeter DEF” with your name, address, email and phone number on the back to…

Tina West, 114 Heraldry Way, Exeter EX2 7RA

As the apostle Paul writes to the church at Corinth he addresses a scene that in many ways resembles the modern western church. The Corinthians had adapted the Gospel to suit their own cultural and religious surroundings. They had become arrogant and self-centred, and were failing to build each other up spiritually in the Lord. They were diminishing the Lordship of Christ and failing to reflect his love.

In short, the Corinthian Church had become worldly.

Dr Paul Gardner will be helping us to think about what God is saying to the worldly church of today through this heart-warming and heart-wrenching letter.

Paul Gardner taught for seven years at Oak Hill Theological College after his ordination, and then moved to parish ministry in Cheshire. From 2003 to 2005 he was Archdeacon of Exeter, and then Senior Minister of Christ Church Presbyterian Church in Atlanta until 2017. He now lives in Exeter. He has published a number of books and articles, including commentaries on Revelation, 2 Peter, Jude and most recently on 1 Corinthians.



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